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Sensors and Actuators

1. Color Change Corporation/thermochromic and photochromic ink  (www.colorchange.com)
2. Conductive Technologies/electro-chemical sensors,membrane switches,flexible heaters  (www.conductivetech.com)
3. E-Ink/electronic paper displays  (www.eink.com)
4. Eleksen/textile touchpads  (www.eleksen.com)
5. Flexpoint/bend and flex sensors  (www.flexpoint.com)
6. Images/many different sensors and actuators  (www.imagesco.com)
7. Interlink Electronics/force-sensitive resistors and touchpads  (www.interlinkelectronics.com)
8. International Fashion Machines/wall dimmer  (www.ifmachines.com)
9. Matsui/thermochromic pigments,aroma ink,photopia, a UV light sensitive photochromic ink  (www.matsui-color.com)
10. Melcor/thermoelectric cooling solutions  (www.melcor.com/ptseries.html)
11. Memory Metalle GmbH/shape memory alloys  (www.memory-metalle.de)
12. Microstrain/wireless sensors  (www.microstrain.com)
13. Piezo Systems/piezo elements  (www.piezo.com)
14. Precision Microdrive/precision motion control components  (www.precisionmicrodrives.com)
15. Tayco/temperature sensors and flexible heaters  (ww.taycoeng.com/products.htm)
16. Textronics/wearable sensors  (www.textronicsinc.com)

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