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Isolating and Model-Making Materials

1. Environmental Technology/easy cast resins  (www.eti-usa.com/consum/index.html)
2. FormFX/liquid rubbers.plastics,medical adhesives, alcohol-based body inks  (www.formfx.eu)
3. Pinipol/polyaniline products  (panipol.fi)
4. Resin Technical Systems/resion  (www.resintek.co.uk)
5. Shape Lock/modeling and mould making, quick and easy  (www.shapelock.com)
6. Smooth-on/rubber, platics, foam, adhesives  (www.smooth-on.com)
7. Soltor Plastics/acrylic glass  (www.solterplastics.com/plastics)
8. Teknor Apex/advanced polymer materials  (www.teknorapex.com/index.html)
9. Von Roll/electrical insulating materials  (www.vonroll.com)

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