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1. boingboing/A Directory of Wonderful things  (www.boingboing.net)
2. Cool Hunting/Intersection of art, design, culture and technology  (www.coolhunting.com)
3. CORE77/Industrial Design Supersite  (www.core77.com)
4. Design Boom/industrial design today  (www.designboom.com)
5. Doors of Perception/Starting new conversations on design and innovation  (www.doorsofperception.com)
6. Engadget/Everything new in gadgets and consumer electronics  (www.engadget.com)
7. Etsy/Your place to buy and sell all things handmade  (www.etsy.com)
8. Horizon Zero/Issue 16:Wear:Issue dedicated to wearable technollgies  (www.horizonzero.ca)
9. info gargoyle/A community for hi-tech information gatherers  (http://igargoyle.com)
10. information aesthetics/Form follows data-data visualization & visual communication  (infosthetics.com)
11. insturctables/The world's biggest show and tell  (www.instructables.com)
12. Make/Technology on your time  (www.makezine.com)
13. Next Nature/Culturally emerged nature  (www.nextnature.net)
14. OPEN loop.ph by Rachel Wingfield  (open.loop.ph/bin/view/Openloop/WebHome)
15. Physical Computing by Tom lgoe  (tigoe.net/pcomp/index.shtml)
16. RHIZOME/Emerging artistic practices that engage technology  (rhizome.org)
17. SENSORY IMPACT/The Culture of objects  (www.sensoryimpact.com)
18. SHINY SHINY/A Girl's guide to gadgets  (www.shinyshiny.tv)
19. Showstuido by Nick Knight  (www.showstudio.com)
20. Sparkfun/Sharing ingenuity  (www.sparkfun.com)
21. Stylefuture/Cutting-edge fashion  (www.stylefuture.com)
22. talk2myShirt/Everything you want to know about Wearable Electronics  (www.talk2myshirt.com/blog)
23. Tech D.I.Y/Mothers and kids make and learn together  (techdiy.blogspot.com)
24. Technology Review/Published by MIT  (www.technologyreview.com)
25. The Raw Feed/Where Technology and culture collide  (www.therawfeed.com)
26. Think Geek/Stuff for smart masses  (www.thinkgeek.com)
27. We-make-money-not-art/Intersection between art, design, and technology  (www.we-make-money-not-art.com)
28. Wearables Central/Wearable computing links and news archive  (wearables.blu.org)
29. WIRED/Dialy technology news website  (www.wired.com)

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